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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Don't feel left out at the shoot..The photo shoots were run so badly..My gathering got overrun with Marvel cosplayers who decided "Oh, boy. Another gathering? NOW is the best time to have all of us go in and get our pics taken so they cvant. hurr hurr hurr!!" I mean, seriously? We have a fucking time slot. ONLY LET US IN!! Watch the damn door and if there is a huge group of other cosplayers don't let them in..That simple..
I remember last year on the forums one of the forum mods was explaining that the series/games listed at specific times in the Cosplay Hall were more like suggestions instead of absolute "only this series only at this time". All cosplayers are allowed to use the Cosplay Room when they want, regardless of what's listed in the schedule. This was their solution to a lot of series not having a timeslot or a super popular series getting stuck with a super crap timeslot. I'd look up that post for you, but well...
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