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I kinda wanna gender bend Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon

I don't wanna put the hubby (who I have to talk in to being Sailor Moon) into a sailor suit so I'm thinking I'm gonna put him in a kilt instead. Have the sash be the bow color instead and have the brooch actually be his sash pin. Gonna put the little ball thingies that go on her odango on to a pin that'll go in to his hat with a very simple circlet underneath with the gem. I've got a historical boot pattern so it'll be in a darker red...matching the sash probably. He'll have a poet shirt looking thing going for him as well in white and of course a belt tohold the Kilt up.

Tuxedo Mask

Kinda thinking of going with an overcoat like the one on Simplicity 2172 ( ) over a black skirt with a lacy, fluffy petticoat underneath, white button up shirt with a bow tie and a cape lined in red. White thigh high stalkings (or full on tights) and black heels. Top hat, mask, dark red lipstick, and a mini top hat off to the side on a wig with a high ponytail.

What do you guys think?

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