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The costume is difficult, even just to look at and understand what is going on. From what I can tell, it is made up of
-a jacket
-a waistcoat (with multiple collars?) or a combination of waistcoat and corset
- Several overskirts: at least 5: Green, green, black, black, black/gold/white
- A underskirt

Under all this, there is probably a pair of stays/corset, and some kind of structure to hold out the skirts: perhaps a small hoop or a bum roll.

For the jacket and underskirt, these patterns might be a good place to start

This website has some costumes from the 18th century, which might help you with construction

You will have to be careful with the kinds of fabric you choose, because all the layers of this costume will make it very heavy. Choose thinner materials for the inner skirts: only the outer skirt needs to be made of brocade (or similar)

One thing you could try, if you have a body form (or can make one is to use scrap material to drape the skirts you want to create

Also, I recommend reading Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion Vol 1 to understand how these garments are constructed
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