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Has a show done this to you?

hey guys just wondering if you get the same bad luck as me or something funny has happened while watching an anime or any tv show?

Basically what happens is I'm flicking throw Tv stations at home you know the usual boredness! then I get onto a channel and Vampire Knight is on I go ok I'll watch it......-_-
EVERYTIME it's the same episode and worse I also seem to see the last 10 minutes of it and then the credits role. No joke this has happened to me 7 times, haven't even see the start of that episode and I still don't know what it is about!

Does the anime hate me or am I in forever bad luck!?

Anyway that was my little rant Send a reply if something like that has happened to you or if something TOTALLY crazy has happened while you were whatching an anime/TV show
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