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...Sorry I haven't posted here in forever! (or actually any posts on coscom) Do tell me what's up! I miss all you peoples.

Celes's opera dress has been keeping be super busy, too busy that I don't have enough time to work on my other FF cosplays. Dx I posted some very boring progress pictures here, but most of you I think have already seen them lol. 1

@kaligoddess: I hear you on the fabric dye part!! I always had to have my mom or someone hold onto the dyed piece of fabric for me, so I wouldn't have to worry about splattering dye. (*cough* like summoner Yuna's sleeves..) 4 arms are great to have.
I love those wig choices! I especially like the Matilda lacefront one (even though it's $65) XD Because it reminds me of Rosa's Amano designs. But Ferrari would work just as fine, and is miles cheaper.

@tifalala: Oh! You trying to get your Celes done by the end of the month too?? Can we be a team? 8D

@Seifer-samalalala: *glomp*
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