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Thanks; well default tutu is very recognizable and the design is still elegant, all though it could be plain compared to the other artworks. PT has amazing source material.

Just finished tacking the lemon yellow tutu base for the Ahiru Act 3 Aurora tutu (episode 6); mine is 21 inches currently and 12 layers long. I modified the existing pattern for a more flattering tutu fit. Drafting plate pattern; lots of decorating to do later. Still need to do bodice and basque. All purpose thread or cotton twine (wide-eyed needle) work well for tacking.

Next tutu is probably Ahiru's Rose Adagio. I just have a few more rows left of rosette pink to get through pleating and sewing.

I imagine the lighter colors are easier to work with. I have both light and dark colors in stock, just trying really hard to limit myself with as few projects as possible, at least until the Aurora PT cosplays are finished. I also have some organza bolts (pink & red) coming also because I am preparing for 2013 PT tutus. Not sure if I will write a tutu business plan over break yet since my plate is going to take forever to decorate.
Current project: Princess Tutu - Ahiru (episode 6)
2013 planned: Megacon, Chibi-pa etc.

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