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Originally Posted by TheJasmineErin View Post
I've recently lost most of my interest in cosplay due to not watching anime/reading comics/watching TV/playing video games, etc, and a lack of funds. However, I'll be getting a job soon and my birthday is in two months, so I'll finally have the money again~ But enough backstory, I need some cosplay ideas.

I've cosplayed characters from FMA, Black Butler, Hetalia, Homestuck, Bleach, and Legend of Korra.
I'm open to crossplaying as guys (I prefer it, actually), but I have to say, nothing too skimpy if you suggest a female character.
Any suggestions you have are great, since I'm big into gaming, comics, anime... pretty much anything nerdy, and I'll most likely (hopefully) recognize any character you reference.
Thank you in advance~

Extra info:
Eyes- green
Hair- red
Height- 5'6"
Weight- 170
Mary Marvel, maybe?

Originally Posted by danielvutran View Post


need some ideas for fanime! ^_^
A little obscure/minor character, but I think Gideon Graves from Scott Pilgrim.

Originally Posted by zbabas View Post
Hello everyone, I finally got a job,so now I can buy myself some cosplays
But I wanted to know who should I try for my first cosplay?

For now my hair are brown,when untied they reach a little bellow my neck,but I might bleach them to be blonde,so either brown or blonde characters,if possible (I guess I "could" try a wig,but i'd prefer not)
My hair's a bit curly naturally,but not that much and it's pretty easy to straighten them

height: 170cm (5"7)
weight: 64Kg (141lbs)
picture(It's a bit outdated[august 4th])

I don't really have much pictures of myself,if needed I can take more,to show you how my natural hair looks like/untied and stuff like that
Depending on if you can hide your hair, Darryl from The Walking Dead (short hair), or maybe Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride, with the little ponytail in the back.

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