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A few things I would like to note regarding threads and posts.

1) Spam. If you are posting a thread to promote yourself, a group, a costume you made, or a contest entry that you are requesting votes for, please post in this thread:

It helps keep everything contained and organized instead of cluttering up the forums. We created this thread specifically to let users have a chance to get the word out about something more personal.

2) If you are a member with less than 10 posts and signed up in the past 30 days, and trying to post in the Marketplace to buy or sell, your post or thread will get deleted. Same with trying to buy/sell non-cosplay related items.

These are the two things I feel I would like to point out the most because when it comes to deletion, time and again these are the two things that get removed while going through forums and the moderation queue to clear posts that get stuck.

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