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Originally Posted by Penlowe View Post
I disagree. No, you can't use an everyday bra you want to wear again for this, but if you shop around for a full cup type you can make it just part of the costume permanently. Even better, glue in the cup section, then cut off the back straps for a smoother profile (you might want to keep the shoulder straps and attach them around the neck, depending on your shape & size.)
I have looked into full cup bras, but the problem is that I haven't actually found a size that would go completely around and not leave a massive seam from the underwire, etc. I'm a B38, but I need more of a large C for Cortana and a lot of the bras have lace or other little accessories that would show bumps and look unnatural. I just haven't had any luck finding anything that could work properly in the realm of bras.
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