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I in search for a new character to make as an in between cosplay with winter themed clothes as I'm going to a winter convent.
I got two project already with these characters:
but I want something simple for this convent so I can participate in snowball fights, drinking hot chocolate and just be in a lot of cuddles
I'm open to crossplaying as guys but I prefer females, as I got quite a large chest, but I have to say, nothing too skimpy if you suggest a female character. Winter is really cold here in Sweden and no one likes to have a miniskirt in the snow.
Any suggestions you have are great, games, comics, anime... anything nerdy is fine
Thank you in advance~

Extra info:
Eyes- green (can use contacts)
Hair- right now red-ish purple but anything is fine, I can dye it of use a wig.
Height- 5'9" (175)
Here is a very small photos selection of me:

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