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Just remembered one DX

This past year at Otakon, I went with my friends. One of my friends had a coworker who is mentally challenged and wanted to meet up with us, which we were fine with. We figured we'd run into him at some point during the day, hang out for a while and go our seperate ways. It was a solid plan...until we went off to get in line for something and my Mom, who was our chauffeur/chaperone for the day and was sitting in the convention center lobby frantically calls me asking if my friend told anyone to met her because he was there. Apparently, my friend's coworker found my mother (we're not sure how because my friend didn't tell him to look for her, nor did she tell him how to recognize her) went up to her, said he was our friend and that he was 27 and that my mom shouldn't arrest him. My mom had no idea who this guy was and it was freaking her out that this random guy was coming up to her telling her not to arrest him.

We still want to know how her coworker recognized my mom.
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