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It was my first time going to this. It was good! I couldn't get into the Homestuck monolouge panel (did you see the huge line?) since there was a limit of 100. The people were very nice and I saw nothing terrible about it. I liked the venue better than Metrocon's because of outside and the cool hotel (the seethru walkway over the fountain). The dealers room size was kind of small but good.
There were alot of Homestucks, I agree. The meetup was not on schedule and started 10 minutes before the original time which isn't Shadocon's fault so I missed some. Also the random Hetalia meetup which I totally missed (it was my second cosplay). It wasn't broadcasted enough on the internet.
The cosplayers were nice, as I said. The Kaito and Jake/Korra supplie us with good music. The line for registration wasn't long and slow.
It was good!!

Did anyone get a picture of Dirk Strider with a pony or Austria (brownish clothing)?
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