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Originally Posted by Akune-chan View Post
Friday: Yami Marik
Saturday: Grell Sutcliff with a giant chainsaw
Sunday: Orochimaru
Hey guys!

Did anyone get any photos of the cosplays above? D:

I was [Yami Marik] on Friday. I kept hanging out by the Jacob Javits statue and then I was outside around 7pm on top of the barracades that were over looking the three way intersection in front of the center, trying to get shots of the cape blowing in the wind.

I was this [Grell Sutcliff] on Saturday. Mostly I was hanging around the dealers area for hours on end. I was the one that was whining and complaining about those heels and I was constantly holding the chainsaw over my head so I won't injure anybody. D:

I was [Orochimaru] on Sunday that organized a massive Naruto group. We were hanging around mostly on the bottom floor where all of the panels were, then we were mostly handing around the area where the Jacob Javits statue was.

Please quote/send a message if you have any photos!
<3 Thank you!
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