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Originally Posted by Quantum9 View Post
Just wanted to pop in also and mention that 4k and 8k televisions won't be affordable by the general populace likely for another 10 years. Then again, you're the guy who thought a PS3 at $599 was a bargain so who am I to judge?
Well, you're assuming that UHDTV's will drop at the same rate as HDTV's did, but its actually more likely they'll drop faster. (heck, between LG and Sony bickering, they've dropped some 20% in price already and there isn't even one available yet)

EDIT: Actually toshiba has a model coming out now that's about half the price of the Sony and LG offerings.

And that $599 was a pretty good bargain for fully backwards compatible model. I actually ended up selling that 60GB model for $800+ a few years back.

Buuut, that wasn't what I came here to talk about, namely, the Wii U's RAM decision. One of the gents at a tech site recently did a tear down and we find out that the Wii U has less memory bandwidth than the 360 or PS3. Depending on the eDRAM usage, there could end up being a rather large bottleneck between porting from the HD twins to the WiiU.
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