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Kuroko no Basuke Gathering 2013

EDIT: Okay, it's on the official list!

I didn't see a thread for this already and I dunno if there's an unofficial one being planned, so I decided to start one.

Kuroko no Basuke gathering for ALA 2013.

Day: Friday
Time: 1:20pm
Location: Poolside

(I put the main and most commonly cosplayed characters in this list. By no means should these be the only characters to appear :3 If you're being someone else, I will add them, of course.)

Kuroko Tetsuya: Sperbette, Llytix
Kagami Taiga: ZephyrEclipse
Aida Riko:
Hyuga Juunpei:
Kise Ryouta: Bakatari, GothicChii989
Aomine Daiki: Dawn, Tiah
Midorima Shintaro: Geekies, Llytix's friend
Takao Kazunari:
Momoi Satsuki Llytix's friend
Murasakibara Atsushi:
Akashi Seijuro: manik_semiramis*

*those who are maybes

Will update with more as I need to. Let me know if I forgot anything.

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