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Currently my goals are to slim down and add a slight muscle for Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Kirito from Sword Art Online for Otakon 2013. Eventually I plan to do Col. Armstrong, Ippo and Zoro.
Planned Cosplays
Goku - Dragon Ball Z (Otakon 2014) 0%
Colonel Armstrong - FMA: Brotherhood (Eventually) 40%
Zoro - One Piece (Eventually)
Ippo - Hajime no Ippo (Eventually)
Kaito Yashio -Robotics; Notes (Otakon 2013, Completed)
Free - Soul Eater (Otakon 2013, Completed)
Gai - Guilty Crown (Katsucon 2014, Completed)
Shu Ouma - Guilty Crown (Katsucon 2014, Dropped)
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