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Originally Posted by CirqueDuFolie View Post
I'd love to do an ANBU Kushina but I've sadly already started on my younger version of her and won't be able to complete the ANBU version until the following year. ;A;
The rest of our group is going to have quite a few characters lined up for the weekend. Four-Tails, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Shikamaru, Iruka, Deidara, Sasori, Kisame and hopefully a few more. Not sure who's doing what which day though. :I
Wow! That is a huge group! I cannot wait to see this. Let us know when you figure out which day you're group is going

Originally Posted by Heaven'sLock View Post
Hey, guys; just posting to reserve a spot as ANBU Sasuke. Silly boyfriend, putting a random 'm' on the end of my username. Silly silly silly. : P

@musicalcats: Sorry; as Roxas_13 said, Tobi and Deidara really weren't very far along. We'll for sure do the cosplays someday, but not this year.
No wonder I couldn't find your profile XD

SASUKE! First recruit! YAY! So glad to have you on board

Originally Posted by Roxas-13 View Post
Yeah, I'm the silly one for putting the "m" key and comma key next to each other, and accidently hitting one instead of the other. :P

So, I'm for sure on board with this, though I am undecided on which character yet. I'm leaning towards Kiba, but not finalized yet. Is there any character's with black/dark hair that I'm missing? I'm trying to avoid having to buy a wig, and my hair will already be short and black for my other two cosplays.
YES! You're in which is awesome!

As for characters with black hair there is Shikamaru and Shino (not positive if his hair is brown or black because it seems to change...)I think Kiba's hair is actually brown.

On a completely unrelated note you and Heaven'sLock are doing Roy and Riza!! I love fma. Really makes me want to pull out my old Ed costume XD

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