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Originally Posted by Sybren117 View Post
I am not enticed by the WiiU. When I play games I like to look at, y'know, the game. Not my hands.

Yeah. I was kind of hoping they were go for like... better graphics and motion control for the newest console. It also seems very awkward to hold and play a video game with...

I really don't think Nick Jonas did such a bad job as Marius. Like, I think they could've gotten someone better, yeah. But Michael Ball? Really? He may one the best, if not the best, but bro is like, 50. I'm not sure how well he could play a 17/18 year old student lol

And Gerard Butler was the worst Phantom ever. He can't sing and it's a freaking musical.

Also, I'm not comfortable with Russell Crowe's singing abilities. From the trailer it just didn't sound like he'd be able to sing Stars and uh, his last song well. (The song title is a spoiler lol, and there may be one person who hasn't seen the musicals, any of the movies, or read the book. Wow.)

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