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Generally speaking, individual groups make contingency plans in case of rain, and there's no one designated space for indoor gatherings, though the main lobby of the hotel is a popular choice. I might also recommend, if possible, potentially having a backup meeting time on Sunday in case of bad weather, as it's a pretty open day in terms of space.

In answer to your second question, the "patio" is short-hand for the Century Pavilion, the open outdoor space between the main convention area of the hotel and the underground parking structure. (You can see it on the map of the Ballroom Level here). It's slightly smaller than the pool deck, but there's a lot less traffic moving through it at any given time, and it's better prepared than the pool deck to handle bad weather, as the space is partially covered.

Ah, I remember that place! Can we switch the Pokemon gathering to 12:40 (popular vote XD) at the patio then? We can't really have a Sunday meeting right now until I know if I'll be able to attend on Sunday. If I can find someone to host with me that's different, but right now it's all me and I'm a Friday-Saturday gal XD Thanks for that map! I actually like that area better. Bigger.
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