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(here's mine again!)

Name: Rachael or 'Ruki'
Age: 25
Location: Baltimore
Interests: cosplaying historical stuff, cats, hanging out, playing some board games,some fighting video games every once in awhile, eating some good home cooked food,i love national/state parks,old archtechture, i love watching movies star wars
Dislikes: negative people,people who cant be honest/clear with you in relationships. I prefer to stay out of poltics and organized relgion,(sorry for my bad spelling!) APH (sorry just not a fan. ><.) Most sweet things like candy and seafood!

T.V.Series that I like :Doctor Who!,Highlander (t.v.) Merlin,Game of Thrones,Heros,Babaylon 5,Star Wars the Clone Wars!Avatar the last airbender/legend of korra! power rangers (orginal) Batman the animated series,X-men (90's).
Some Anime: Ranma 1/2, Rurouni Kenshin,Ouran host club,Salty Rei,Sorecer Hunters,Sailor moon, Inuyasha,Cowboy bebop,Bleach,Spiral,Outlaw star,vampire princess miyu.rayearth,Darker then black,Basalisk!
Personality: I'm a really nice,fun person to be around i rarely get angry(which is rare,when i do i dont talk for a really long time.) I talk alot
Looking for: Friends with anyone really,as for Dating(men)
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