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Thanks guys. LoC, the ornaments are all done with heat formed styrene for the basic shape, then smoothed and coated with bondo for durability.

Also on DMC news front, anyone have any opinions on the new Virgil's Downfall trailer?

I hate to say it because I because of how much I hate the changes to Dante... but I don't mind Virgil's changes. Aside from the dopey look on his face, the costume is pretty cool; something that I wouldn't be completely against attempting at some point if the game turns out to be a worthy addition to the series. And his design is at least somewhat reminiscent of the original, unlike Dante. His combat also looks quite reminiscent and fun too.

I think there's supposed to be a demo out today/tomorrow too, so I guess we'll finally get to see how the game stacks up when it's in our hands.
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