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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
A friend has the Wii U and complained that on the first day it had an update that was so long he watched an entire baseball game while it downloaded. He says he really liked ZombieU and Boyfriend is salivating about it but I just really can't get on board with it.

I already have a lukewarm response to the Wii as a whole, I just really don't care for motion control stuff, so going out and getting the Wii U seems absurd to me. Skyward Sword is genuinely the only time the motion controls have been implemented in a way that feels fluid and actually makes sense for the system.Maybe I just can't work well with motion control stuff? When the other games can be played with a regular controller it seems to me like the motion control aspect is kind of unnecessary.
I'm in no hurry to buy another Nintendo console that will collect dust. Call me when Bayonetta 2 and a new Metroid game that's not terrible is out and we'll talk.

<--- Did buy a 3DSXL today though, because reasons.
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