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Originally Posted by KuruttaKanashii View Post
I think it's always awkward when you're cosplaying someone and don't recognize someone who's cosplaying the same thing.
Something like that happened to me once during a spring con. He recognized my character and I blanked out on his --didn't realize we were from the same series until he told me who he was. It was still super awkward even if the cosplay was an alternate outfit from one point in the game. LOL Suppperrr awkward (and embarrassing, oh gosh).

Originally Posted by SA2R View Post
This wasn't at a con actually~
There was a meet up that happened this past weekend in my state. I was planning to go as Yukio, but some guy a week earlier, flashed his guns in the same place we were planning on meeting. So of course~ I decided not to. (Yukio has a bullet vest) So I went as Alois Trancy. My friend went as Sebastian, he said it was cool because apparently there was going to be a couple kuro cosplayers there.
There was one of each main character, and another Alois ;; Why is this a big deal? During the photo shoot, my friend kept saying get in the photos, but everyone else was like "we only need one Alois..." As I tried to walk away, my friend kept yelling at me to come back, and the others kept giving me the death glare v-v It was so awkward~ I ran after the birds just so I could run away fast ;; I never want to feel any thing like that again TTATT
:/ Sorry to hear that happened to you. Really, that kind of thing should not happen at all, seriously. Who cares if there are doubles?! (though for some reason, people seem to care for the opposite and having no doubles) Where did all of the fun go to? :/
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