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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
My mother and I went to Sweet Tomatoes once or twice in Dallas and honestly we where not all that impressed.

Their soups had very little flavor and it seemed like they offered very little food. It was my understanding they where meant to be an all-organic kind of self-serve restaurant and that's well and good but they had barely any food there. When you entered it had a salad 'buffet' that leads to the register and I always got a Cesar salad mix with chicken which was pretty good, but nothing fantastic. Then you pay and go self-serve the rest of the meal. About the only thing I ever got was the salad, a baked sweet potato and maybe some minestrone or chicken noodle soup because they never had anything else. Ever. It was all salad, like 6 vats of soup, and a small front line that had some biscuits and baked potatoes and that was it.

I am not sure if it was just a small size compared to other franchise locations but it was like $12.99 for everything per person and their salads where not worth spending $25 for.
I agree it's not my favorite buffet, and it's overpriced. I had a free meal coupon though, and figured why not. Their selection is lacking when there's a Golden Corral right nearby that's about the same price and offers so much more ^.^
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