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I was going to try out underworks just because they're a tad cheaper then tkingdom though I've heard good about both sites. I was wondering for underworks how you figure out your size? My chest is 40 in but I was looking at Akune-chan's post wondering how you figure out the average. Like you add your bust with your under bust, add them together, then find the average? I'm looking at this model of shirt, I heard the tri-top works well too but I wanted the longer shirt to flatten out my stomach a bit too.

What about the woman's tri top chest binder? I was bored and just looking through the website. Don't know how well it would work for larger chested women though.

So I do I find the size/measurement the way that Akune-chan did? I finally wanted to try crossplaying so first of all I'll need a compression shirt. XD
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