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Looking for roommates {Booked at ALA hotel}

( Would be open to taking one more GIRL (who would help with make-up and is decent please)...otherwise this room is full sorry.)

I won't respond fast if you comment here, but if you PM then I will!

Throwing out the fishing line early, before the desperation that usually surfaces when ALA is a few weeks away.

My twin brother and I (I'm a girl) have booked a room for ALA from January 3rd (Day 0) through January 6 (Check out day)

We're looking for 3 people, maybe 2 more if we're feeling generous or if people on board...give thumbs up for me save on cost. I have a preference for girls in the room, due to feeling more comfortable, but due to my brother naturally being a boy...I'll at least hear guys out. (My brother is protective of me ^_^

It will be $70 each and this is the bill split evenly. ( ONE SPOTS LEFT FOR A GIRL)

Also allowing up to 3 (maybe maybe 4) people to stay in my room for day 0. $10 each. *EDIT* If we do not have enough whole con roomies we will have to charge $20 for day 0...sorry.

There is also the option for 2 person who don't want to be in a packed room. If two people pay $90 each...we will be considering our room full. Just my brother, my friend, and I.

Girls get bed in my room by default (there are two beds) and so do I, but I'm happy to share with another girl if she is comfortable. ^_^

Oh, and if you're a minor that has to have a parent come along....we will pass. Parent Adults make us feel awkward....and people over 27.

About my brother and I

We're 20 years old and we are both nice brother is more social than myself. (I usually overseer him like a good older make sure he doesn't act like an pay no mind if we bicker. It is just how we are when he is being foolish.) Oh and we have great manners...Our mother raised us right.

This is will be our third ALA

He doesn't drink or smoke, but I do drink and do have the random smoke, and we both are party animals (No worries our room isn't a party room...This is your sleeping sanctuary. But I may have sake in the room, which I will drink when no one is around. Ohohohoho~)

Our cosplays.

Meru: Legend of the dragoon. (Hope you don't mind half naked cosplays)
Yuugi: Touhou
Asuna: Sword Art Online

Maybe: Party Yoruichi and Kimono Ciel Phantomhive

My brother's cosplays.

Amon: Legend of Korra (Wahhh I'm not doing Korra again for awhile)
Captain Aizen: Bleach
Seto Kaiba: Yugioh
Undertaker: Black Butler

Our rururururussss *cough* Rules.

If you don't get the fuck out out.

No drama.
If someone upsets you and I find you crying, I'll be first to comfort you, but please don't do anything stupid...I probably won't know you well enough...and I'll be reluctant to grab a shovel to help hide the body.

Be neat.

I can't stress this enough...I know conventions get hectic, but my ocd will kick in if the room is a mess. Don't leave your make up and cosplays out...things get lost that way. I will give you gentle warnings...before asking you to leave without a refund.


If I know them...fine, but don't do it kids...I will get mad.

Don't steal.
We cosplayers are broke...come on now.

Don't be rude to me or anyone in the room.

I know cons get stressful, but if you pick a fight with me or my brother...especially...I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Don't be a kill joy

It is a convention...we like to stay up late and such...Just don't do it.

Don't eat it all!

If I bring food for the room. (I have a habit of buying my room Pizza, because I worry)

That is all I can think of for now, but will add as I see fit.

By the way, if interested we would prefer if we got to know you over these next 5 weeks, so none of feel awkward and more like friends ready to fuck up the con together. So yeah Facebook and stuff.

Oh and we need payment at latest a week before the con. Sorry, no excuses.

contact me here or at

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