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@Seifer -

Now that I'm playing FF6 again, it looks just like Terra's profile pic in the status screen. Very nice!

Workout: I think I told you, but one of our associates quit, so now there is only two of us working the studio during these holidays. I'm hoping I can make it through this week without too much weight gain. It's difficult this time of the year to keep up workout plans.

Fiberglass: I may be seeing Wreck It Ralph if I don't get out too late from work on Wednesday. I'm hoping to anyway. I'll have to see who I want to be for that movie. The painter one would be okay for doing it once in a while. If you are doing it a lot, then I would definitely get a good mask. I'll hopefully be able to set up the tarp to protect from the rain when I show you.

Something Dissidia Related: If I do need some feathers, that would definitely be cool. I have seen some pretty cool Beldandy wings from the Ah My Goddess. As for Kefka wearing the wings, that would probably be the way to go with the bodysuit. I don't see anyway else for doing that.

Cosplay updates: When I have grand plans of getting up in the morning, I usually end up setting my alarm to the time I need to get up for work. Don't feel bad there.

Props: I was a little tired after carrying around that Dein Nomos all day for Duke. I may do something with foam and fiberglass next time if I do that weapon again. As for paperclay, I've usually just used what they have available at Michael's. I know there are ways to make paperclay, but I've never done that before.

Upcoming Projects: The Weather isn't agreeable 90% of the time here, so I'll probably do that. I'll definitely show you some of the fiberglassing process when you come here. It's a bit similar to the video / tutorial I showed you last night, but I definitely am not as advanced as the Magic Knight guy. What did you say you were making the sheath out of for 12K? That's good it's almost done. Do you remember what the charges were for the Portland gardens? The photos you showed me of them definitely look nice of that place.

I'll try that for my stitch skipping issues.

Terra Shoot and Dress: That's good that you got to avoid the rain. Cloudy shoots, though, aren't too bad, especially in the middle of the day. It's usually better than the harsh mid day light. The middle of the week is generally better for doing shoots. I think for our snow shoot, it shouldn't be a problem for crowds. Most will probably think we are pretty crazy for doing that I'm guessing Kids liked Puppet Zelda as well? Did any of them get scared at all from the contacts? That's good that this will help with the way the Terra dress fits. I definitely have a few props that need some touching up right now. I may put a layer of super thin epoxy resin as a sealant over some.

Hopefully you were able to get some stuff this weekend for your various projects. Good luck with them.
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