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Weight lost race, anyone?

Greetings All!~

I cosplay Tira pretty religiously at every con I get a chance. Like everyone else I want to lose weight. So why not add a competitive edge to the table to kinda boost the want to meet a goal? Would anyone be interested?

How it works:
-Everyone will state their current weight and then set their goal. (generally about 6 to 10 lbs)
-Everyday for 3 weeks post that days weight.
-With people competing we can think of a cool prize or even just a huge congrats by everyone.
-How you chose to lose the weight is up to you~ Exercise, eating right, or just taking soda out of your diet.
Up coming Cons:
-Youmacon 2012
-Armagetoncon 2012 (idk how this one came about)
-katsucon 2013 (hopefully)
-ohayoocon 2013
-Shutocon 2013
-Acen 2013
-JAFAX 2013
-GoDaiKo con 2013
-Otakon 2013

Look for Tira (SCV) at all of them ^^<3
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