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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
Hey You don't have to justify sheep buying to me bro. I went out and spent $9 on a 12oz cup from Starbucks because it had a fox on it and a sparkly straw.
After spending about 3 hours with my 3DerpS XL, I have zero regrets tossing it on my credit card. HASHTAG YOLO HASHTAG NINTENDO SWAG!

Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
I thought about buying a Wii U at launch for the New Super Mario Bros. U, but I'm not doing it.

Not because I didn't plan to carry through, but because the game store I shop at is not expecting any Wii U from their suppliers on launch.

Just as well --- but I'm still getting one for a mainstream title at some point.
I've actually had no problem coming by the system. Nintendo World is like 5 blocks from my office and had a bunch, and 2 Gamestops near me had em in stock late Sunday. Anyone expecting to buy one and turn it around for profit on ebay/craigslist is kind of S.O.L.

Not sure if unpopular or not, but atheists have become the new born-agains in terms of annoyance, at least for me. Someone on my FB wall posted some stupid poster which (paraphrasing) compared raising children under religious beliefs as a form of child abuse.

Stalk me on twitter! @theanarchris, THEN IMMEDIATELY REGRET YOUR DECISION!

"I can't believe I was stupid enough to be that faux radical. Never listen to a college student's opinion about anything. Secretly, they're just as dumb as high school kids, perhaps even more so." -Drew Magary
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