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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm reluctant to purchase DX lenses, because that's probably not the direction I'll be going in the future. With a camera like the D800 that has pixel density close to a D7000, I think moving forward, I might just focus on FX cameras and FX glass because DX glass has a physical limitation in coverage. A piece of slower FX glass seems more appealing than a faster piece of DX glass, and I couldn't properly use the lens on a FX camera to achieve a true wide angle perspective like I could with the f4 zoom.

I'm pretty unfamiliar with VR and how it might or might not work in video. There just doesn't seem to be much out there demonstrating the difference. Some Nikons can't use it in video mode? Most of the video I've done lately consists of compilations with only a little bit audio from the scene, with a small digicam no-less, heh.

I guess it's a bit soon to be really researching this as I need to get this Pentax gear sold. Took most of the lenses out of consignment yesterday and already have a potential buyer for the 85mm. One step closer...
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