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Red contacts over blue eyes

Hi, guys - I was wondering if anyone here had some recommendations for red contact lenses that would work well over blue eyes. I've read the FAQs, reviews, and have been looking at two types that seem bright enough: Dolly+ Red and Super Pinky Bright Red. The only problem is that the pupil hole looks pretty big: in several of the review pictures, you can see the wearer's lighter iris right through them.

Have any blue-eyed cosplayers here had any luck using red lenses? Alternatively, does anyone have a suggestion for reasonably priced (<$45) red contacts with a smaller pupil hole? To make things more difficult, I unfortunately need things in a pretty high prescription (5.0), and the non-circle lenses I've looked at have either been too unnatural-looking, crazy expensive, or both. Alternatively, has anyone worn a pair of non-circle lenses in red that they've been happy with?

ETA: I've been looking at i.Fairy Cherry / Candy Soul as well, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of reviews out there.

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