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Originally Posted by SA2R View Post
This wasn't at a con actually~
There was a meet up that happened this past weekend in my state. I was planning to go as Yukio, but some guy a week earlier, flashed his guns in the same place we were planning on meeting. So of course~ I decided not to. (Yukio has a bullet vest) So I went as Alois Trancy. My friend went as Sebastian, he said it was cool because apparently there was going to be a couple kuro cosplayers there.
There was one of each main character, and another Alois ;; Why is this a big deal? During the photo shoot, my friend kept saying get in the photos, but everyone else was like "we only need one Alois..." As I tried to walk away, my friend kept yelling at me to come back, and the others kept giving me the death glare v-v It was so awkward~ I ran after the birds just so I could run away fast ;; I never want to feel any thing like that again TTATT
That wasn't awkward, just plain rude! Sorry that happened to you >_>
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