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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
Saw it on tumblr, it's a narrow minded penis wrinkle of a man being an ass wipe.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.
lol but the contributing writer's name is Meredith...
Edit: Oh nevermind, the link was a response to the flame-on-girl-cosplayers

Originally Posted by Bm-Atticus View Post
Unfortunately whatever point that he had went up in smoke when he mistook the term 'bluntness' for 'blanketing statement about a good portion of comic book fans'.

There are girls who will dress up as a character they don't have any knowledge of aside from their looks. Now I will ask why does this bother you so much? Because they thrive on the attention being given to them from poor, innocent nerdy boys and preying on them? Oh please. He makes it sound like men loose control over themselves whenever they see a pretty girl. Way to insult your own gender, man.

Now, I'm going to do something that Mister Harris here failed to do. Provide examples of his findings.

I have a friend who is in shape and very pretty. At AX she dressed up as Lady Deadpool. Whenever someone would shout out "Look it's Female/girl Deadpool" she would usually correct them. She talked my ear off about Deadpool Corps and when she dressed up as Silk Spectre II we had a few intense conversations about Watchmen both the movie and comic and the Before Watchmen series often talking circles around the men we were around.

I've also met some girls who barely know the name of the character they were cosplaying as. They just dressed up as that person because they... GASP! Like dressing sexy!

But again I ask, what's wrong with that? I'd like to think we live in a society where we can express ourselves without getting shat on by each other.

Who's it hurting? The girl dressing up? Nope, whatever her reasons were for dressing up I'm sure she's probably having a blast. The men who are now 'objectifying' her? I don't think you're giving the men enough credit. If they want to take picture of 'hot' girls and the girl let's them, hey, that's their business. Other women? Well, I can't speak for everything but it doesn't really bother me. Want to know why?

You can't tell if a girl is a 'true' fan or not just by looking at her.

So since he wasn't able to provide examples that he personally experienced, it sounds like he sees these 'hot' cosplayers at cons and just assumes they don't know anything about this whole 'comic book thing' that seems to be so popular these days.
^^THIS^^. I agree. Different people have different reasons for cosplaying. Some people who may be very focused on the craftsmanship and challenging themselves to create very complex/detailed costumes might not care that they don't know the character as well as a hardcore fan. They might simply enjoy the aesthetic of the artwork and design and want to show off craftsmanship skills. And that's totally okay. Some people feel the need for popularity and recognition and might go with what's popular that year, or what looks sexy. That's okay too. Some people just naturally fall into a fandom because it had a lot of exposure that year. A lot of people who might not have read the Avengers comics watched the movie, liked it, and got into the fandom that way. A lot of them started reading the comics. Just because they didn't read them as they were released doesn't make them any less of a fan.

Anyway, this guy's "opinion" is not new, unfortunately.
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