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@ FinalEVA -

Wow I didn't even think of that! But thanks!!

Workout: Oh yeah you did mention that. That does put a wrench in your other plans. I am not sure how busy you are there at work, but maybe you can take ten minutes to do squats or lunges or something like that. I do that sometimes when I am waiting for the stupid copier to warm up. In any case, just be careful and you should be okay. As for me, I didn't do as well as I would have liked last week, but I plan on making up for it this week. I would like to stay as active as possible over this holiday, so here's hoping I don't have any weight gain either!

Fiberglass: Hooray! I hope you get the chance to see it. I think you will really enjoy it. I actually think all gamers would enjoy that movie. As for fiberglass, that would be awesome to have you show me a bit when I visit. Thanks!

Something Dissidia Related: The website has quite a variety of feathers, so you can do some really cool looking wings if you have the time and money. As for Kefka, that will have to be a project for further down the road if anyone ever agrees to it.

Mornings: Ha! Glad I am not the only one. It sure makes me feel lazy though. :P

Props: I can see how that would be tiring to carry something like that around. I think you have to be super careful with props because you have to figure you won't really have anywhere to put them... and if they are heavy, it means you will get tired a lot faster. I usually buy the Michaels paperclay as well but I had no idea you could make it. That's kind of cool.

Upcoming Projects: For 12K sword, I will probably make a wonderflex sheath and just do the raised details in foam as usual. As for the Portland gardens, there are two actually. The Chinese Garden says you can rent it for 1.5 hours for $250 and the Japanese Garden says they don't allow portrait photography. They have it defined as family gatherings, weddings, etc... but I wonder if they might make an exception for what we are doing.

Terra Shoot and Dress: I actually prefer cloudy shoots, just because I usually can't see in direct sunlight unless I am wearing contacts. As for the snow shoot, I agree that we should probably be fine. If there is anyone up there, they will probably think we (mostly me) are nuts. Oddly enough, most kids did like Puppet Zelda. I can't remember too many of them being scared of me though. As for your props, that sounds like a great idea!

I was able to get to the store this weekend and I think I have everything I need. My little box of crafts is all packed and ready to go. I am really hoping I come back home with a lot of stuff completed!!

Current Projects:
Maleficent - 80%
Howl - 10%
Hyrule Warriors Zelda - 40%
Rapunzel - Tangled - 60%
Charlotte Elbourne - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 40%

Planned Projects:
Kain - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX
Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon (Someday!!)
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