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kojiro- lol don't bring the new cindy dress drama here XDD speaking of, does anyone know when the others are getting their makeovers? is it when their movies come out of the vault?

suzie- Maybe if you get a bit more you can make Jane out of the yellow?

Emiko- Oh yeah XD I'd never do that again haha

No progress here.

My next Disney cosplay is going to be Wendy but I'm trying to decide whether or not to take advantage of these sales to get my wig for her or others..of the next 3 cosplay, she's the cheapest so I kinda want to use the opportunity to get the most expensive one..we shall see..I really want to make my pink Ariel dress as well haha SO UNDECISIVE

I have a couple of Tink (maybe a Vidia) commissions to do..I'll probably spam you with those XD I found out how their harnesses work at the park..kinda want to try and use the same method..except they don't make double sided invisible zippers Dx do they?!
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