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Um, yeah. Casa satin is 50% off right now, so I went ahead and bought the fleece for Vanellope's hoodie and some glittery satin for the skirt. (simply because I wanted glitter!!~)

The fleece is much more of the accurate light turquoise-y almost mint color in real life, I was so excited when I found the right color :3

I'm going to work on her hoodie first, since I'll be wearing it in this colder weather, too.

Plus, I'm super stoked that I know two people who are going as Sugar Rush racers, too!~ Maybe I can talk my sister into Taffyta, but I don't want to strain my sewing schedule much more than it already is :P

I also bought Snow's boot's today! I love coupon shopping--$149 Bass boots down to $30. They're not 100% accurate, since on the show it's a base lace-up pair of shoes with knee-length leather "spats", but they're about 99% close, lol.

EDIT: almost finished with Vanellope's hoodie! Just need to make the hood, and then add the "licorice" accents. It's refreshing to work on something simple

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