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Seeking a Hugo for Fanime 2013!

Hey guys! My Final Fight/Street Fighter X Tekken Poison costume is just about finished, and (not to toot my own horn), it looks pretty legit. So while I'm going the traditional route of "Japanese Poison", I was hoping I could find a relatively muscly gentleman to cosplay the wrestler she manages, Hugo. Here's a picture of the guy. Granted, for me, being THAT muscular is not a necessity (or all that possible). The real challenge would be to find someone much taller than me, as I'm 6'5 in heels. So, if you're ridiculously tall, fantastic! If you're willing to wear platform boots, great! I just feel like this would go over really well.

Anyone who thinks this would be fun and will be in San Jose for Fanime, let me know!

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