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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
HAHAHA that's awesome. You guys realise this is normal for people like that right? They want to gain control of how everyone lives their lives and think cristain is the way to go and anything they dissagree with is the devil and will say anything (researched or not, in this case NOT) to make others believe so to get them to follow what they believe..This is very normal lol BUT HILARIOUS!!!!
There really are people like that. My dad has actually thrown this exact article at us as to why everything we like is evil. When I told him it is a satire site it didn't work. Sadly, they make the sane Christians look like terribly cruel people. (I do think it cruel to try to control people to this degree.) At the same time, he pulled up multiple hate pages against cosplayers and anime in general and basically said that my mom was exposing my little sis to satanism by letting her go to con. GAH.
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