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Originally Posted by MirniMausi View Post
I entered my first contest at Yukon two weeks ago and well, what can I say: Overdone skits are those involving current anime trends.
We put a lot of effort into our Sailor Moon Musical skit and even though we could only practice at the con day itself as we all live far away from each other, I think we did pretty decent. But we didn't get the recognitions. The audience was more excited about poorly done Naruto and Black Butler skits and really boring Vocaloid songs.
Nothing against the cosplayers, their costumes all looked great, but I think a skit shouldn't be judged by popularity of a series or a character. -.-
i agree, at every con i have been to or seen skits of online there is allways a naurto skit. the most common characters are itachi and sakuse or an "oc character" in the akaski robe. i would have enjoyed seeing something other than whats popular.

i have noticed that at cons whenever a group of cosplayers can be judged its allways the popular anime that wins even if the others where much better.
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