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Originally Posted by Surfsama View Post
I read this line, "I should eventually have a DX and FX camera that I plan on using together." and thought you planned to use a DX camera with an FX camera exclusively.

I have the 14-24 f/2.8 that is both a fantastic wide zoom and a PITA at the same time. I like the 20mm f/2.8 for a lightweight wide (I might get one for hiking use). The 16-35mm f/4 is really nice too. I typically use a flash whenever I use the wide angle for anything other than landscapes so f/4 wouldn't bother me much.
Using DX/FX bodies more for cost reasons than anything, but the DX camera (D7000 in my case) would be used occasionally when I want something smaller.

What I was just trying to say is that if I buy a piece of glass, I'd want it to work as intended on both formats, so I'd have to get only FX glass.

Thanks, those are some good points you make.

I agree with you there. The 14-24 is expensive and I'm not too fond of lenses that can't take filters, though I can recognize the quality that lens brings to the table.

I am starting to lean toward the 20mm/28mm combo instead of the zoom. Coming from Pentax, I did enjoy my 14mm f2.8 (APS-C only), so I think the 20mm would be a step up from that, especially when mounted to the FX camera. There are a lot more choices in Nikon/3rd party when it comes to in-production f-mount glass, which is nice. Besides wanting to get into full-frame, I was tired of trying to search out old out of production glass for Pentax.
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