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Can I cry? I keep saying I'm gonna get my Alec sweater done but just found out that HEY my method of dying this thing SUCKS.
AND TO YOU, YOU STUPID ALEC WIG: I hate you. Your beautiful for a steriotypical rainbow-y gay man but...but... Alec's a cat lady with moth holes! WHY MUST YOU BE SO LONG AND SEXEH?! I mean your half way down my neck, your longer than my real hair. I'M A GIRL.
Everytime I think I'm happy with my progress I see a pic of Kevin, the real actor picked to play alec, and I just wanna crawl into a corner and burn down the world.
Should've chosen "Sebastian" to cosplay. Me and him, could seriously burn it to the ground.
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Scarlet Witch (comics,not AOU ) /DONE
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Looking for people near the Shreveport Louisanna area to cosplay with!!!
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