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Can I cry? I keep saying I'm gonna get my Alec sweater done but just found out that HEY my method of dying this thing SUCKS.
AND TO YOU, YOU STUPID ALEC WIG: I hate you. Your beautiful for a steriotypical rainbow-y gay man but...but... Alec's a cat lady with moth holes! WHY MUST YOU BE SO LONG AND SEXEH?! I mean your half way down my neck, your longer than my real hair. I'M A GIRL.
Everytime I think I'm happy with my progress I see a pic of Kevin, the real actor picked to play alec, and I just wanna crawl into a corner and burn down the world.
Should've chosen "Sebastian" to cosplay. Me and him, could seriously burn it to the ground.
Looking for people near the Shreveport Louisanna area to cosplay with!!!
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