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Fairy Tail 2013

Good evening ladies and gentleman. I noticed there was no Fairy Tail photoshoot thread, so I decided to make one. Who else is going to cosplay from Fairy Tail? Or maybe from another Guild from the series? I plan on doing two photoshoots, one on Friday and one on Saturday.
Hope to see some nakama.

It is way ahead of the game, but eventually we will need to discuss times for photoshoots. As I said, I would prefer to have a Friday and Saturday Photoshoot. It's usually easier to remember if they are at the same time, but we could also do one later shoot and one earlier shoot. Just remember that the Masquerade is Saturday Night. Also, if plans go according, I will be hosting the 18+ Dating Game Friday Night. ~fingers crossed~

Friday Photoshoot
Time: Noon
Where: Indoor Fountains

Fairy Tail panel @ 10:30 p.m.Friday~Attempting to find more info~

Saturday Photoshoot
Time: Noon
Where: Indoor Fountains

Facebook Groups:
Otakon 2013
August 9th - 11th.
Dracule Mihawk ~ One Piece
Book ~ One Piece
Bixlow ~ Fairy Tail

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