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Hello, Hello! :3 I'm gonna start working on a cosplay soon, and I wanted to try making this >.O I wanted to try making Nurse Valentine from Skull Girls <3 Since it seems pretty simple to make =3 I'm just not sure what to make her dress out of. I dunno if cotton would be good, or something else since its a nurse outfit? And does anyone have any suggestions what would be good for the little + crosses on her bandages and shirt? I was gonna do cardboard, but I don't think that would be very sturdy to hold up against it. And any reccomendations on how to make the cross stick to the bandages? Would you reccoming I use actual white cloth/bandages and then maybe stick the crosses to it? (What could I make her hacksaw out of too? (Sorry this list of needs is so big! xD))

On another note, I can't find any red contacts with crosses for the pupil anywhere. I found somewhere that'd make custom lenses, but they're like 2k per pair. >__< So plain red ones for alot cheaper would work out just fine, right?
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