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Originally Posted by Supercell View Post
Hello everyone!
I really need help! Im going to a convention in May (i know theres long time but still) and i need help to figure out who to cosplay. It has to be from Homestuck and it has to be Girl characters! My fave trolls are; Terezi, Vriska, Aradia, Damara and Aranea
Well it could be everything from Homestuck as long as it is girls. I wanna make A 'Big' costume for this convention.
Heres A pic of me (Best pic i Got without a wig lol)

I hope you guys Can help me, thanks! <3
Homestuck is hard to stand out with, as it's very popular and most of the costumes are quite simple.
For a big and attention-grabbing costume, your best bet would be one of the ancestors. I am personally fond of Mindfang.
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