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Originally Posted by Isaye View Post
Anyone have any idea what would be a good fabric for these overalls? I need a royal blue fabric, maybe twill or a polyester? I definitely don't want to use denim.
I particularly like the first cosplay that I linked, I can't tell what fabric they used though.

(sorry for irrelevancy to fabric) Also, I can't find thigh-highs with the black stripe at the top so I'm going to order some plain white ones. How should I put the black on it? ;w; Should I sew a strip of black fabric on the top or sharpie it?
Twill is the right thing to look for, just make sure you are getting a bottom weight version as there is a lot of twill out there.
Don't try sewing a non-stretchy band to the top of hose, for a thigh high it needs to be stretch+ stretch. Sharpie would be okay, but do it with the hose top stretched over something (NOT your leg).
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