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Originally Posted by Mokmo View Post
I have no idea how AN does that... People have less than a minute to get judged ?
they have different judges for each level (or each set of judges does 2 divisions) and there is always 2 separate judges... so 2 groups can be judged at a time per division... but being in at 5:30 isn't giving less then a minute :S that's 150 minutes until start time at 8pm... there's only up to 90 entires... thats 1.66666666666(goes on forever 6s) minutes each IF there was only one set of judges... with 2 judges that increases to 3.3333333(goes on forever 3s) minutes per entry, and there is usually even more judges then that so... you usually can have about 6 minutes with a workmanship judge... more for more complicated costumes, less for simpler ones, so it usually works out to starting pretty close to 8pm... at least this last year it started right on time for once (sometimes its 10-30 minutes late but its usually not because judging is behind so much as it is general event syndrome...
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