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Looks like his vest is this one:

Then he's got a simple double pistol mag pouch on his right chest, with the mags stuffed in like Chris' in RE5 (rather than wrap the lid over the mag, it's just wedged in and held in by tension, for faster access). On his leg chest is an admin/map pouch with velcro outer, not unlike this one:

The thing is, admin pouches are a little bigger than the one on Piers' vest, so you may be better making that one custom if you want it to look right. Then of course he's got two pouches stuck on it, the BSAA SOU one, and the A POS blood type one. The device underneath that pouch is supposed to be a PTT button for his radio, but honestly it looks like it was modeled after a cheap airsoft LAM. You may be able to grab one and add some extra wire to it to replicate that look.

His scarf looks just like one of these:

Looks like he's wearing a rigger's belt attached to the bottom of his vest, and over that he's wearing a duty belt on a belt pad. Google all those items, and they should turn up easily.

The magazine pouches on his belt look like custom M4 mag pouches, only because the camo print is so unique. If you can find desert camo M4 pouches, that would probably work, but if I were doing it I would get tan pouches, and paint the pattern on myself.

The rigs on his legs appear to be like this one: 2

But he has swapped out the pouches for some other ones. I'm having a hard time finding good angles of it. They appear to be mirror images of each other though, and regardless of which leg, it goes: radio pouch (one of the default pouches on that rig, the one with the buckle) then some kind of MOLLE pouch with a zip top, and attached to the front of that is a triple pistol mag. pouch. I can't see what's at the back though.

There are good references here, but beware of potential Yaoi:

On the back of his vest he has some kind of radio pouch, and at least one other pouch. I'm not sure exactly what they are. That should cover the pouches for ya! I'm not sure about his jacket, pants, boots or gloves though. Hope that helps!
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