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Warlock Dreadmist or Soridormi

So I want to go to Blizz Con 2013, hopefully I am lucky to get a ticket to go. Weather I get to go or not, I want a WoW themed costume as I do actively play the game. However, I am very new to anything that isn't sewing or basic sculpting when it comes to costumes.

So, Warlock Dreadmist Set, seen here -->
Or Soridormi, seen here -->

My challenge for the warlock set is the shoulders, if I can find an easier way other then using expanding foam to make the shoulders, I'd be in love and chuck Soridormi out the window in a heartbeat (can you tell that is my most fav class in the game?). -If- I have to commission the shoulders, I would be willing to do so.

For seems pretty easy and straight forward. Looks nothing more then just getting the minor details correct and scupting the crown like thing and pinning it the wig.

Any other World of Warcraft related characters are also welcome as suggestions! Just not Alexstraza, Tyrande, or Sylvanas. Those to me are way overdone and I want to do a character not many people see.
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