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Originally Posted by Mokmo View Post
For such a big con, the lack of tokusatsu (Sentai, Rider, Ultraman, etc) is kinda disturbing...
Not even a panel...

I mean... Even Otakuthon had one basic panel on the current series (that i did) and one discussion on Gokaiger (from a guy a didn't know, but was on the con's staff)

I hope to go, although if i start anything cosplay-wise i doubt i'll have the time to get it ready by then.
Yeah, the're was a lack of panels altogether for various tokusatsu. I was disappointed that there wasn't a single Kamen Rider panel. But I was happy that I was able to go to the Gokaiger panel. I'm thinking running my panel next year at Otakuthon.

Originally Posted by Kagomekai View Post
My boyfriend is trying to get me to go as Luka in civilian form. (Since like I said above he is going as Captain Marvelous in civilian form.) We thought about a gender bent Don in civilian form then decided not to since people would probably think that I was a gender bent version of Doctor Who.

I heard that some of the stores in the US have Megaforce toys out now. I'm kinda sad that Megaforce is going to squish Goseiger and Gokaiger into one series. If they make the ranger keys with the same molds as the original ones then I will probably buy a bunch when they are in stores.
Well, you could go as Ahim, but you might not be as recognizable.

Depending on how the first couple of episodes of Megaforce go, if it's as bad as think it will be, I think I might just skip over all of it. I'd rather have fond memories of Gokaiger as is, than have it associated with the PR version. (Not a fan of Goseiger, soidont care about what Saban does to them.)

Originally Posted by Mokmo View Post
Indeed the reports are true, but it'll probably take a few more months to get them in Canadian stores. On thursday, the Megaforce float (or at least their presence) will be at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, 9-12 am on american tv (and don't mistake it for the Detroit parade).
It's their first big public (as in non-convention) outing with the new "team" so it should be interesting (but very very short).

At for Megaforce, it'll be one season that'll lead to the Legend Wars, which Saban has had refilmed with American-adapted rangers. Then we get the pirates, no idea if they are the same characters, we'll just wait and see.

EDIT: Also, the more i know of sentai and riders going to some convention the more i'm angry at my very stupid financial situation...
Yeah, cosplaying these series60 pretty expensive, even if you aren't doing the transformed form of the character. It's costing me about 500$ to make my unmorphed Captain Marvelous.
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