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I've got one to add to the list, as far as I know they're only on DeviantArt as DevilCosplaysxCO.

I placed a prop commission with them in March of this year with a deadline of the second week in July. They took the commission and said it could be done easily. At first they stayed in contact with me and sent two pictures of one of the props. As my deadline drew closer, they stopped responding to my emails. The deadline and convention came and went and a month later I got an email from them (after messaging them five times with no reply) about them saying the entered my zip code wrong and the props came back damaged. They said they would repair them and sent it back out with a refund since they missed the deadline. That was in August. I've emailed them multiple times since, but heard nothing back. Definitely steer clear! My experience was a bad one but I don't know if others have had good ones or not. I just wanted to get the word out.
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